Thursday, October 20, 2005

T is for Tiger:Miniquiz

Japan is incrdeibly backward in its attitude to exploiting animals. CITES is flouted, trade in live endangered animals and animal parts flourishes, and animals all over the planet suffer. I wrote this song to try and give the animals a voice and help children think of animal rights. Try the quiz below!

What's it made of?

Passing round various items for the kids to touch and feel and guess: what's it made of? Animals help us make many beautiful things in our lives, can you guess which one helps us make these beautiful knits?

This is a close up of a Japanese woven Nishijin obi, the sash used to wrap round kimonos. It almost looks like embroidery, very luxurious...and all the beautiful colors. What's it made of? Guess the animal.
And here a sneak peek to help you along in guessing.
Traditional Instruments
like the Japanese koto, use ivory to prop up the silk strings and tune the instrument, and in the finger mounted picks...plastic can be used, but the sound is slightly different, according to experts. Now you can guess the animal who makes the music possible, can't you? The Japanese guitar (shamisen) is vibrating animal hide (cat or dog) stretched over a frame, and the large hand held pick (bachi) is also often made of solid ivory, as the following site will tell you
is a traditional Japanese leather industry made for the samurai armour...the lacquerwork is stencilled onto the leather...and what's it made of?
Handbag, belt, shoes, fashion items we take so much for granted...what are they made of?
now then, what lovely fur is this?

stroke and cuddle

Which animals are still alive to stroke and cuddle? What do the animals say? How can we respect them and still have pretty bags and coats and scarves?The answers to the quiz are: woollen sweaters: sheep/ alivekimono threads: silk worms/ dead...ivory is elephant teeth, very often elephants are poached and killed for their tusks, the Inden shoes and wallets are made of deer skin/ dead and the handbag is cow leather, also cat is called Peasuke, and he is handsome and alive, miaouw...stroke and cuddle :)