Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let's Swap

Have a show and tell (photoblog?!) of things you have received from people, bought second hand, or found in the garbage!

This little lady has a story....when my sons were small, I lived in a big block of flats, and always made sure I checked the garbage, because people throw away the most amazing things in Japan. Out of one mouldering sports bag, I withdrew the little naked lady, and thus began my renewed career of sewing clothes for her. ( I was always making clothes for my doll in primary school, rudimentary stuff). My sons relished the new bath companion, and her wardrobe grew and grew, only i sent them all to my goddaughter after a while, oh the beads and ribbons, lace and glorious netting. As a wee girl I always wanted a trainset, so my sons got to have dolls and trainsets. They never did dress her up tho', only ever splashed around with her in the bath...Now the boys are big, and only this one last dress remains, along with some knits, which I will keep: my first ever knit I made when I was about seven, for my then fake Barbie, because we couldn't afford to buy a real one, and a wee pink aran I simply cannot part with.The red dirndl is a hand-stitched, embroidered replica of the dirndl my father bought for my mother in Salzburg, way back in the days when they were in love, a dress which I guess i may, just may still have in a box somewhere, but which, like their love, has long since faded. As you can see i never did get round to making the apron, but there you go...The best part of this story is that now the dress and Licca are proudly living with the wee three-year-old girl next door, to be loved and cherished anew.

Shetland Knitting
Revamp discarded kiddies teddies with a hand-knit sweater...makes a great personalized gift. And pass on those books when you're done reading them, there is someone who will appreciate it! Spending that little bit of extra time finding the right owner rather than trashing it to be incinerated or dumped, makes letting it go easier.