Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Sustainable Conversation

A sustainable conversation

I have the insects color coded on origami paper so that the kids can copy the names on their printed sheets, or draw the insects they like and write the names.There are eight pieces of paper for each insect, so the kids can work at their own pace, and put back the paper when they are done, and if they want to check the word and how to say it with me I am there to help.I've worked a lot with drawing, now digiphotos open up whole new possibilities in the field of looking at beetles and insects! Make a blog!

A book I really recommend is Joseph Cornell’s (1979) Sharing Nature with Children ISBN 0-916124-14-2. A lot of the activities are very simple and can easily be combined with the songs. For instance a ‘Microhike’ to explore the insect world can be done anywhere, going well with the song, A Sustainable Conversation. The song talks about drawing insects, so kids can observe and choose an insect they like, and make drawings to share and report on. Alternatively the main onegreenleaf website has tips for drawing bugs using alphabet letters.
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