Thursday, October 20, 2005

One Green Leaf- Ninja Scroll

Green Ninja scroll

Pics of a crafts scroll made from an old calendar stuck together wound round a kitchen towel roll, to go with the song One Green Leaf

As I sing

I begin to open the leaf, one green leaf, ...two bugs eat the leaf....two birds eat the bug...

Two poops on the ground
Poop poop ...Pooop poooop.... Three ne-eeewww leaves.

all the way up to seven

and still pooping....the kids and I love it, pooopoooop, pooopooop, poop,ppooopooop,poopoop, pooopooop, ppooooopooop!

The whole scroll
is very long....Of course you can make a mini-version with toilet paper, and change from green to red with raspberry, or yellow with banana, and of course change the bugs to whatever eats a banana, ( monkey? and then maybe a tiger?? a tropical version??not really knowledgeable about who eats time to google and do some research....) a blue sea version? or a blue weather scroll? Three new black clouds?? would that work?